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The Concept

Most perfumes or beauty products out there are about making––and committing––to choices. Unfortunately, those choices usually aren’t particularly empowering or particularly “you.”

Along with your color or scent or style, you’re faced with choosing what kind of person you are from a narrow and unrealistic set of options. And when you need help choosing, celebrities and Photoshopped models are there to beckon you, assign you, and convince you.

The trouble is, we’re individuals. Our layers, history, and complexity are far too varying and beautiful to fit under a single label.

“Who we are” can’t be reduced to the red-lipped “Bombshell” or the candy-scented “Girl Next Door” even if at times those identities may resonate with us.

We wanted to create something different. Something that embraced honesty and experimentation. Something that was real. And intelligent. And funny. And attainable. And changeable.

And we wanted to do it through the sense most inextricably tied to emotion, memory, and the nuances of both: scent.

We wanted expertly-crafted, beautifully-blended perfume that allowed you to choose for yourself. Perfume that acknowledged that your “signature scent” might not be the same tomorrow––or even tonight––as it is in this moment. For that kind of flexibility to be possible, we knew what we created couldn’t be a single perfume at all.

Made up of ten distinct scents that evoke characteristics we admire, Mix•o•logie is the alcohol-free blendable perfume collection that evolves with you. Feel electric, serene, inspired, tender, free, sultry, tenacious, assured, or feel everything all at once. It’s impossible to go wrong. You can’t when you’re unapologetically, unmistakably, and unabashedly yourself.

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