Rollerball Perfume in Risque (exotic woods) scent modeled showing application at wrist by woman wearing a leopard jumpsuit.

Perfume Rollerballs

Soft, Subtle, Long-Lasting Fragrances

Body Mist in Free (ocean mist) scent being held by blonde woman with blue eyes and a beach towel over shoulder

Moisturizing Body Mist

Perfect Summer Fragrances!

Lotion being applied to forearm in Soulful (sheer amber) scent.  Woman wearing white with fringe and gold bracelets

Top Shelf Luxury Lotions

Made with skin-quenching nutrients and scented with Mixologie fragrances

Body Wash in 3 scents (Free, Risque, Soulful) in shower on rack being reached for by blonde woman.  Tile shower in background with loofah and razor

Body Wash/Shower Gel

Mini Blending Kit and Tiny Try Me Kit - both boxes are half open to show bottles inside with greenery in background with a mason jar on a brown table

Gift Sets

Get them hooked on Mixologie with these fun gift sets! They'll be coming back for the full size before you know it!