Tester - Hand Sanitizer - Unscented Liquid 80% Alcohol

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Unscented Hand Sanitizer 

FDA/WHO Approved Formula

80% Alcohol

Orifice Reducer Cap (small hole in cap allows you to shake liquid into hands)

Nothing fancy!  Just something that works!  

4 oz/Bottle (120 mL/ea)


Must be shipped by UPS Ground due to USPS restrictions on flammable products.


Dear Customers/Friends,

We hope this email finds you well.  As you may have heard, we have temporarily modified our perfume production lines to bottle liquid hand sanitizer (don't worry - we still have plenty of inventory of perfumes, lotions, etc. that we are shipping daily).

We have made considerable donations locally, and will continue to do so as we ramp up production.  Having the opportunity to give back in our community has been a blessing to our team.

Up until now, all of our allocation has been to local first responders and essential workers.  This week, we have a sufficient supply to offer it for sale to end-users / retail consumers.  We are offering it to our local community and our "other favorite community" -- our wholesale customers (that's you!).  If you need hand sanitizer for personal use & you haven't been able to purchase it in your own community, please feel free to order through your wholesale account.  

We hope to have something available in the coming weeks with a pricing model that works for retail.  The price points that we can offer today are not workable with traditional retail markup margins.  As you know, there is a lot of sensitivity surrounding pricing for essentials.   If you choose to re-sell what you purchase from us, it is our recommendation & hope that you only factor in a minimal markup for your processing time to provide it in your community as a courtesy.  Please also be cautious about shipping - there are numerous regulations regarding shipping flammable liquids that you will need to familiarize yourself with.

The first size we can offer is 4 oz (120 mL), with an orifice reducer dispenser in the cap (shake bottle to release liquid sanitizer into your hand).  While a little unconventional as an application method, it works!  The price we are offering our wholesale community is $5/ea, sold in packs of 6 for $30.  As a fragrance company, it pains us to tell you that these don't smell like some amazing treat for your nose. They are 80% alcohol, so they smell like alcohol.   If you like the smell of a stiff vodka cocktail, you're in luck!

Keep an eye on our website for other available sizes coming soon.   

We look forward to resuming our "normal"  business soon!  In the meantime, be safe, be well, and be positive!  We'll all get through this together!

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