Daring (spiked punch) Add-On - 4 Rollerball Singles - Choose this if it is your first order of Daring to get a free tester and shot glass with 4 Daring Singles

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NEW SCENT!!!  Not for the shy!  Fiery pomegranate, peach and spiced persimmon surround an alluring bouquet of ruby osmanthus and midnight marigolds with a shot of black run and a bourbon marshmallow cream.

Existing customers:  Choose this if this is your first order of Daring, so that you will get the free merchandising kit (Recipe cards, tester, and shot glass at no charge) along with 4 Daring Singles.

If you are re-ordering Daring, choose Daring-Single

Four 5 mL Full Size Perfume Rollerballs

Ships within 24 hours M-F

5 mL Rollerball 

Alcohol-Free / Paraben-Free / Phthalate-Free / Cruelty-Free


A Brief Note about adding Daring to your Display: 

Adding Daring to your Display might require you to discontinue one of your existing scents OR upgrade to a redesigned display.  Our new Stair Display will hold 12 scents and is in a more compact, two level arrangement.  After adding the "Daring Add-On" to your cart, click here to look at our new Stair Display!

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